We attract the tourists to pay a visit to breathtaking beauty of the Skiatook Lake. In an effort to promote the town, Greenwood Fishing Center is accredited for organizing a good number of Fishing Tournaments and Hunting Contests every now and then, which catches the anglers’ attention from all over the country.

Our original building comprises of 19 rooms, of which, 10 rooms are reserved for non-smokers and the remaining 9 for smokers. Our new non-smoking building carries 8 fully furnished deluxe rooms with 6 more in progress. We have a handicapped accessible room also to cater to the special needs of our clients. Our new premium rooms are more spacious than ever and carry more amenities including microwaves and refrigerators. All rooms have a modern flair to them and have updated features like instant hot water, battery charger plug-ins, Wireless Internet Access, Cable Television (HBO) as per need of the time.

We are an exceptional source of information on local fishing and hunting contests. Plus, we also provide information on weather conditions to save our clients from any inconvenience and misinformation about the weather at the lake. We have a special Fishing and Hunting Guide Service. You can also avail our information services if you are an information seeker on Bass Tournaments in the town.