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Maine has a reputation as an outdoorsman’s paradise. The least densely populated state in the eastern US, Maine offers plenty of fishable water. This includes 220 miles of Atlantic coastline and bays. There are also a number of inland lakes -- including New England’s largest, Moosehead Lake. With its northern climate and cold winters, much of this water is frozen for long periods of the year. As a result, ice fishing in Maine provides popular recreation for visitors and citizens alike

Fish to Target

Maine offers several types of fish to target through the ice. Though hardly an exhaustive list, these can be roughly divided into cold water fish, game fish, and panfish. Popular cold water fish include landlocked salmon and lake trout. Both can be difficult to catch during warmer weather, when these fish school in deeper water. During colder weather, the fish move much shallower. Maine’s landlocked salmon population is the largest in the US. Lake trout, a relative of the brook trout-- also caught through the ice -- is the largest of the char family. Both are most often taken on small jigs tipped with live bait. Two popular game fish are northern pike and walleye. Northern pike grow to large sizes and are aggressive even in cold water. Pike are most often taken on minnows under tip-ups and larger jigs and jigging spoons. They are most readily caught in shallow bays near the end of ice fishing season. Pike gather in these bays in preparation to spawn at ice-out. Walleye are another game fish anglers pursue, often for their popularity as table fare. Also worth targeting are panfish: crappie, bluegill, and perch. These are most commonly fished with small jigs, tipped with bait. Panfisherman usually scout the lake before arrival. In preparation, they drill several holes, frequently moving to find fish or when a bite dies off.

Where to Ice Fish

January 1st marks the beginning of ice fishing season. Popular Maine ice fishing locations are the trout ponds across the state. Many of these are stocked. Some of the lakes, such as Cathance Lake and Branch Lake are popular for landlocked salmon in the Downeast region. Check the Maine Department of Inland Water and Fisheries and Wildlife webpage for updated ice fishing reports.

Specialized Equipment

Specialized equipment is required for ice fishing. This includes: -Auger, for drilling holes -Skimmer, for removing ice as it forms in the hole -Tip ups, a device that holds line and baited hook over the hole; a spring-released flag pops up to notify anglers a fish is on -Jigging poles, short, limber poles with light lines -Sled, for transporting equipment -Bucket, for holding bait -Bait, hooks, line -Contour lake map -Some way to measure depth, a plumb or depth finder -Shanty, an optional way to ice fish in great comfort

Fishing Derbies

A fishing derby is a great way to get started ice fishing. An ice fishing derby usually involves an entry fee, with biggest catches in different categories winning prizes. This gives ice fisherman, new and old, the chance to socialize and learn from one another. The Maine Department of Inland Water and Fisheries and Wildlife updates an annual list of ice fishing derbies.
August 4, 2016

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